New Examination Appointment

At your new exam appointment at Market Street Dental in Brantford, Ontario the necessary digital x-rays will first be taken by one of our dental assistants or dental hygienists. With digital x-ray radiation exposure is reduced by approximately 40%.  Digital x-rays are also environmentally friendly because chemical are not used to develope them. For adults this usually includes 2-4 cavity detecting x-rays (bitewings) and a scan of the entire jaw (panorex film), which images the jaw joints, sinuses and the main body of both jaws that we otherwise would not be able to see. From this film it may be recommended to take specific pictures of the roots of the teeth (peri-apicals). For children (3-8 yrs of age) the digital x-rays that are usually taken are the cavity detecting x-rays (bitewings) and 1-2 x-rays of the front teeth. It is recommended, to also take a panorex film on children between the ages of 8-12 years old to evaluate growth and development of the teeth and jaw, as well detect the presence of developing wisdom teeth or any abnormalities.

After the necessary x-rays have been taken, the dentist will evaluate the teeth for cavities, failing or leaking fillings/restorations, broken or worn teeth (attrition & abrasion), evaluate your bite (occlusion) and then customize a treatment plan suited to your needs. Later a periodontal evaluation, that includes probe readings to measure the depth of your pockets or gum inflammation/infection, will be performed on your gums to determine what kind of and how much professional dental cleaning you will need. The head and neck are also evaluated for any abnormalities during our cancer screening examination. Then, any necessary intraoral camera pictures will be taken so you can see what's going on in your mouth. A picture is worth a thousand words! Once your examination is complete Amy our treatment coordinator will send any necessary predetermination estimates to your insurance company and review your treatment plan with you at the appointment following your new exam.