The primary reason why your tooth might need a filling is if it has a cavity or decay. At the Market Street Dental Group we usually place white or composite fillings whenever possible. Another reason why a tooth might need a filling is because of wear. Wear on the ends or top of your teeth is called attrition. It is usually caused by clenching and or grinding. After these areas have been filled it is important to prevent further wear by having a night guard/antigrinding appliance made. Wear at the necks of your teeth is called abrasion or abfraction. These areas of wear can be caused by improper brushing techniques or brushing with too hard of a tooth brush. Another cause of these wear areas can be bending of the tooth during use. It is important to fill in these wear areas to prevent further wear because in extreme cases the tooth can be worn into the nerve or even right in half causing extreme discomfort and leading to costly treatment.