At the Market Street Dental, we believe that the best teeth are your own teeth. We will do what we can to ensure your teeth last a life time. Unfortunately a tooth can be badly damaged or lost. If your tooth is badly damaged it may be recommended that your tooth be crowned or capped. A crown protects your tooth from further damage. Your tooth may require a crown if:

  1.     you have had a root canal
  2.     you have a large filling
  3.     your tooth is cracke

Crowns can be made from metal, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. They are strong and generally last for 10 or more years depending on how well you take care of them.

Having a crown made for your tooth requires 2 appointments. At your first appointment an impression is taken so that we can make you a temporary crown while the real crown is being made by the lab. Your tooth is then prepared down to allow room for the crown and an impression is taken and then sent to the laboratory. At your second appointment the lab fabricated crown is cemented permanently into your mouth. (Canadian Dental Association Information System).

If you lose a tooth it is important to replace the tooth as soon as possible in order to restore the stability in your mouth. This will prevent teeth from drifting or moving into the space of the lost tooth disrupting the harmony of your bite. The options to replace a missing tooth are:

  1.     bridge
  2.     partial denture
  3.     implant